Rules for jewels

Follow the rules and your jewels will last for generations still looking brand new.

1. Choose your own style, a style that suits you and your mood! Dare to change your jewels / dare to be different!
2. Make sure you are wearing either white color jewellery like silver, platinum and white gold or yello gold jewellery. Bi/colour jewellery is also a possibility. But make a choice of one of these three, it will coordinate better.
3. Pay attention to the same details as you do when you coordinate your clothes, e.g. the colour combination of the precious stones in your jewellery.
4. When dressing for the evening or gala, only one bracelet, and no watch unless it s a very elegant watch.
5. Treat and wear your jewels as precious objects.

6. Keep your jewels in a jewelry case, make sure that they are not tangled or they may  get damaged.

7. Do if you are going to do a stenuous activity, sports, etc. - do not wear jewelry as you may damage or scratch them. 

8. Do not wear too many jewels on one hand! Too many necklaces! Make sure it is coordinated with the rest of your outfit. Less is more!
9. Do not touch your precious (gem) stone(s) directly. The stones will get greasy and loose their brilliance ad lustre.
10.  Avoid contact with soap, hairs pray, perfume and cosmetics they will damage your jewellery.Get ready first and then put on you jewelery.
Jewelery need maintenance 
It is recommended to have jewelry cheked once a year by your jeweler. Neglect can prevent the loss of your precious stone. A good jeweler will be able clean your pieces, bringing back the shine en luster.